Responsive Website Design in North Cornwall

Cost effective solutions to get you on the internet ...


Not only are my sites responsive, but I respond to you … I can simply design a site using the content you provide, or undertake the full development of all content, textual and graphical and use any existing marketing materials you may have.

If your business is very new I can also help you to design your corporate image and branding. From a simple one page “here I am website” to a more complex corporate site offering e-commerce I can get you to where you want to be.


Maybe you have a site where the content is good, but the design is looking jaded? Or perhaps the content has not kept pace with your business growth?

Technology is advancing at an impressive pace and a website can soon begin to look tired after a period of time. Perhaps you want to add some new features to your site? Give me a call to see how I can freshen up your site and breathe new life into it.


All of my sites are designed to be search engine friendly from the start and I do my best to tailor the site to give you the maximum exposure possible using the resources available to WordPress.

In a truly dynamic environment such as the internet nothing stands still so it is advisable to be pro-active in ensuring your site is maximised for search engines. Again I can help in this process if required.


Social Media is now an integral part of of the marketing mix and keeping your web-site up to date and fresh is essential for getting you higher up those all-important google-search rankings. 


Regular new press releases, new products, staff changes? WordPress immediately offers you control of your site and with a user friendly interface you can easily keep your information up to date.

This is the real beauty of WordPress and websites today, you no longer have to rely on web designers and internet companies to maintain information for you. Don’t panic though, if you do not have the resources to look after your site I can do this for you.

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